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Host An Event With OSP?

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Want To Host An Event With OSP?

Post the event you wish to host below.

Must be in this format

Game or movie: Golf With Friends

Channel: 🎮Gaming Chat 1

Date: Saturday, Dec 22 2018

Time, timezone and duration: 5PM PST-8 2HRS

Hosts: @Bobberson, @Requiem4Sanity

Details: Just hanging out playing golf having a few drinks invite your friends everyone is welcome.

1. Must be held in the OSP Discord
2. Must be for a minimum of 2 hours.
3. Must have 2 hosts present during the event.
4. Prized events must be approved by an admin first.
If you want it announced to everyone:
It is best on Saturdays.
It must be done between 12PM PST-8 - 8PM PST-8.
It must be done a minimum of one week apart from last everyone mention.

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