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- 1. Be respectful! Provoking users will not be tolerated. Appropriate actions will be taken as mods see fit.

- 2. Spamming will result in an immediate ban.

- 3. No squeakers (people under 18)

- 4. Do not post invites to other servers (Discord, TS3, Game servers)


- 6. No trades, buying/selling accounts or codes in this community.

- 7: If you have a problem with someone make sure discuss it with an [Admin] in Private.

- 8. Contests or giveaways on the server must be pre-approved by the Mods or Higher.

- 9. Please keep chat relevant to the channel you are in.

- 10. Users must have a unique nickname nothing generic.

- 11. Do not spam mention other users or roles. We have some cool people in here, but don't waste their time with unnecessary pings.

- 12. No cheating / hacking games. Modding may be a bit different but be aware of others. (No Victim, No Crime.)

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