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  1. Grump

    server down

    been offline for a few minutes not sure where to report it
  2. Grump

    First Treehouse base

    That is a major accomplishment - congratulations on a base that may be nearly raid proof!
  3. Grump

    Harley I built last year

    this was a purple used road king my brother picked up, I took it apart and painted satin Dark Grey and put Led's all over it for him- he was in a tough spot and this lifted his spirits. video of the tailights is below: IMG_1644.MOV
  4. Grump

    OSP Tattoos From one of your Old School Members.

    That's commitment, I did 12 years Army and couldn't ever get Ink- well always wanted the Marine Bulldog but was already in the Army at the time.
  5. Grump

    Who doesn't love guns? 🤷‍♂️

    My Conceal Piece Fires 44 long or .410 shotgun
  6. Grump

    Old Pics Of Me Schooling On COD

    Here is a mint for fresh breath after all them ol school kills. I could never play COD good like that, way to fast paced for me.
  7. Grump

    Background Image