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  1. Divine Chronos

    First Treehouse base

    They are actually super fun to build with many possibilities. I like them due to that at the base of the tree you can literally build a 2nd base just like the one up top and build an insane amount of defenses all around.
  2. Divine Chronos

    Background Image

    Super late response but I LOVE IT. Thank you
  3. Divine Chronos

    Anyone else play?

    I was wondering if anyone else plays Elite Dangerous here. I currently have it on Xbox but I am moving on over to PC. I have been playing for some time now (over 1500 hours) and by no means does that mean I am a pro or an Elite. I enjoy to play and always have (except for a few burnout) but I blame that on space madness. If you do play let me know, it would be super cool to wing up sometime. This is my first log/diary https://inara.cz/cmdr-logbook/21216/33183/
  4. Divine Chronos

    Background Image

    Maybe add a background image for different games that are supported by OSP. I know in ACP its actually quite simple to add but of course I don't know your objective in this area. Just my thoughts.
  5. Divine Chronos

    Will GPU/CPU prices drop by 2019 Christmas

    Thats the one I am going to be buying. And yes @MegaDeath11 the price for CPU/GPU will be doing down. As far as I know GPU prices have already gone down some, the prices originally sky rocketed up due to cryptomining. That is why GPU/RAM just seemed to be sold as if it were figurative gold for some time.
  6. Divine Chronos

    First Treehouse base

    Mines is better, after a raid it can only get stronger