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  1. Bobberson

    Background Image

    After the long delay.. There are some new images for you all.. Sorry about the wait. @Divine Chronos
  2. Bobberson

    PC pics

    PC Pics before my se cond monitor died. Link to temps >>https://gyazo.com/79976c7733dd9ab8ecbfd2800e332f9a
  3. Bobberson

    Host An Event With OSP?

    Want To Host An Event With OSP? Post the event you wish to host below. Must be in this format Game or movie: Golf With Friends Channel: 🎮Gaming Chat 1 Date: Saturday, Dec 22 2018 Time, timezone and duration: 5PM PST-8 2HRS Hosts: @Bobberson, @Requiem4Sanity Details: Just hanging out playing golf having a few drinks invite your friends everyone is welcome. Rules: 1. Must be held in the OSP Discord. 2. Must be for a minimum of 2 hours. 3. Must have 2 hosts present during the event. 4. Prized events must be approved by an admin first. If you want it announced to everyone: It is best on Saturdays. It must be done between 12PM PST-8 - 8PM PST-8. It must be done a minimum of one week apart from last everyone mention.
  4. Bobberson

    Super yummy Fried chicken

  5. Bobberson

    server down

    Thanks... Should be good now. For a faster response would be a ticket in the support channel in discord.
  6. Bobberson

    Whats The Best Game For 60 Bucks Cad

    Arma 3 IMO
  7. Bobberson

    OSP Community Staff Application

    To all that wish to apply for community staff: You must meet the minimum age requirements. 18+ You must have spent a minimum of 10 hours in the OSP Discord. (This time must be with other community members) All staff begin as a community volunteer and move up the ranks. Community Volunteer>Moderator>>Administrator https://goo.gl/forms/kkiUhzdd2lvUJ8E93
  8. The server is far from finished... But if you would like to test it and give us your input, send me or an admin a message and ask for a pass.
  9. Bobberson

    No Application For...

    OSP Staff Application https://goo.gl/forms/kkiUhzdd2lvUJ8E93
  10. Bobberson

    New Store Options?

    We will get new shirts in the future.
  11. Bobberson

    Background Image

    Was thinking about this today actually.. Will do this soon ty for your input.
  12. Bobberson

    Old Pics Of Me Schooling On COD

  13. Bobberson

    Old Pics Of Me Schooling On COD

    Advanced Warfare.